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At Blankhans, we understand the unique power of UEFN to connect brands with players in ways that were never before possible. We specialize in developing and executing immersive Fortnite experiences that capture the hearts and minds of gamers while delivering measurable marketing results for our clients.

We’re more than just a service provider; we’re your strategic partner in achieving brand success. We offer your company access to a vast and diverse player base, allowing your brand to connect with a young and tech-savvy audience.


Collaborate with us to craft a bespoke Fortnite Island that becomes an integral part of the Fortnite universe. We strategically embed your brand's identity into the game, ensuring it delivers a compelling message to players and connects to them. Together with you, we explore innovative game mechanics, level design opportunities, and the best possible representation of your brand in the world of gaming.


At Blankhans, we precisely turn your vision into reality, meticulously constructing your Fortnite Island and ensuring every element aligns seamlessly with your brand's essence. Our commitment to perfection means you're an integral part of the journey, with multiple iterations, real-time feedback, and continuous improvements ensuring your vision turns out exactly how you want it to. Playtest with our team to get hands-on experience during development and ensure that your brand comes to life on the audience's screen in the best possible way.


Building your Island is just the beginning. We strategically position your brand's experience within Fortnite, ensuring players discover and engage with your creation. Our support extends far beyond ideation and design, leveraging our expertise in crafting marketing campaigns that thrust your brand into the spotlight.

Why chose Blankhans?

Combined Years of Games Industry Knowledge
Total Game Contribution

Profound Expertise

Our team of seasoned experts has honed their craft in the gaming industry with a deep understanding of Fortnite's trends, your audience, and the UEFN engine itself. We navigate the challenges and opportunities of UEFN to bring the best experience to your audience and your company. We're not just game designers but visionaries who understand the players' wants and needs. With years of experience in the gaming industry within and beyond Fortnite, we bring a wealth of experience in various game genres, ensuring your brand's representation on Epic's most successful Platform is not just immersive but strategically engaging.

Fortnite Pro's

We understand Fortnite players' unique culture, trends, and preferences, ensuring your brand's integration feels natural and resonates with this vibrant and diverse community. We're well-versed in the dynamic nature of Fortnite, keeping your brand experience up-to-date with the latest patches and content releases. We seamlessly blend your brand's identity into the Fortnite universe, maintaining authenticity while providing players a captivating experience.

Efficiency and Excellence

We are committed to timely project delivery, ensuring your brand's in-game marketing experience aligns with your timelines and objectives. Our rigorous testing and quality assurance processes guarantee that your brand's experience meets the highest standards of excellence and user satisfaction.

Creative Agility

We can adapt to any brand's unique identity and goals, tailoring each experience to meet specific objectives and resonate with distinct audiences. Blankhans wants to encourage your creativity, allowing you to deliver multiple messages and implement several ideas to ensure your brand's Fortnite experience is rich, dynamic, and a valuable tool to communicate your values to the audience.

Modular Booking

Choose your preferred combination of our services: Concept, Creation, or Promotion. Customize your partnership with Blankhans to precisely meet your needs as a company. Whether you would like us to help you develop an idea within the framework of UEFN, allow your existing Island to reach a vaster audience, or collaborate with us from start to finish - Mix and Match our offers to achieve a result that leaves its mark on your brand's marketing.

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