A social survival sandbox game based on the beloved Ultracore IP.
Forged in our fires, shaped with you.

Blankhans Studio

You might have missed the news, but by the end of last year, we revealed that our first game would be Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore. Now you might ask yourself, Coreborn Ultrawoot? If you haven’t heard about it, you missed one of the best Pen&Paper experiences.

The history of Ultracore and Coreborn started in early 2020, right before this global pandemic spread across the globe. At a small studio in Hamburg, Germany, four people began to record the first Episode of the Ultracore Pen&Paper for RocketBeansTV. Created by Hauke Gerdes, one of the Founders of Blankhans, this bizarre universe with its creatures was a Fan Favorite and still the most successful Pen&Paper for RocketBeans. Two more episodes have followed since, and its popularity is still unmatched.

The first Episode (german)

What had to happen next was obvious. The desire for a game was immense, and when given the opportunity, the Founders seized the changes and decided that Ultracore would be the foundation for the game – Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore.


But what type of game is Coreborn? We define our game as a Social Survival Sandbox Game. At its core, it’s a gentle Survival Game that lets you explore the World of Tormentosia. You’ll be able to gather resources, craft items, and build villages and towns together with other players. Your typical Survival Game would end here, but it’s only the start for us. Coreborn will allow you to trade your items and resources with other players. All you have to do is visit the central city of Coreheim, home of the Ultracore, to meet all players from around the globe. Here you can find new friends, trade with other players, or start into one of the many available Adventures.
Adventures are, for us, the third part that completes the experience of the game.
These are multiplayer experiences such as Dungeons or Raids. But they are not limited to that, and you’ll see adventures that let you hunt for rare resources or even PvP Modes.

Coreborn will be developed as a Live-Service delivering the first core experience as an Early-Access Release within 2023.

If you want to be part of our growing community and help us to shape Coreborn to become the best game it can be – join our Discord.

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