We are a game studio boutique that is dedicated to lean and high-quality crafting of outstanding experiences.

We value the craftsmanship of classic game making as well as the iterative world of live games. Our culture is “Fun”.
We truly believe that only a team that enjoys what they are doing for a living, where the route is the goal, will achieve the impossible.


BLANKHANS is a decentralized game studio born in a world where work has to fit into people’s life and not life into work. We aim for maximum transparency and trust to our teams and ask for nothing less than your professional dedication.

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3D Artist

As a 3D Artist, you will work with us to shape the visual direction of...

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Our Game

Not the next PacMan

Our first live service is based on a well established fantasy IP and aims to connect camp-fire survival (co-op) with tactical dungeons (action) and an economy hub (trading).

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Our team

Our founding team consists of games, game technology, media and entrepreneurial leaders that are striving to build live services that last for decades.