We are a game studio boutique that is dedicated to lean and high-quality crafting of outstanding experiences.

We value the craftsmanship of classic game making as well as the iterative world of live games. Our culture is “Fun”.
We truly believe that only a team that enjoys what they are doing for a living, where the route is the goal, will achieve the impossible.


BLANKHANS is a decentralized game studio born in a world where work has to fit into people’s life and not life into work. We aim for maximum transparency and trust to our teams and ask for nothing less than your professional dedication.

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Hansiefest 2022: Friends in High Places

As the mist rolled across the mountains deep within the Austrian Alps, a group of game developers from across all disciplines were deep in thought. The task ahead of them seemed simple, but there’s always a catch. How could they get across a river, using all the items given to...

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A social survival sandbox game based on the beloved Ultracore IP. Forged in our fires, shaped with you. Blankhans Studio You might have missed the news, but by the end of last year, we revealed that our first game would be Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore. Now you might ask...

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How we work (remote first)

When I read an article about Super Evil Mega Corp’s “how we work” handbook and how they defined themselves as a remote-first company and which problems they tried to solve I immediately realized that Blankhans had the same challenges. We focused so much on what our first project will look...

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The official Game

Our first live service is based on a well established fantasy IP and aims to connect camp-fire survival (co-op) with tactical dungeons (action) and an economy hub (trading).