Something New

Something New

Hello, everyone! We’ve made some changes recently around Blankhans and we felt it was best to bring attention to them in a single post so there’s no confusion.

Logo: A Sea Change

The most apparent change is our logo. Gone are the days of a wave crashing over a desktop PC/monitor combo with the taupe-pink cloud in the background. In its place, an orange-accented marine vessel riding along a wave of blue and seafoam hues. This new logo is striking, vibrant, and we’re very happy with the work put in to achieve it. A special thanks to our Senior Concept Artist Elisa for completing this!

(Easter Egg: If you haven’t looked already, you can view for a small description of why we chose ‘Blankhans’ in the first place!)

New Name, New Same Us

Second, we’ve updated a number of the urls/headers of our social media channels. While we are definitely still working on Coreborn and providing new experiences on our roadmap, it’s not our solitary focus. To reflect this, our social media handles and names now bear the name of Blankhans as the flagship behind our current-and-any-future titles. For quick access, you can check our linktree. For individual links, please see the bottom of this post.

We thank all of you for your continued support. Also, thank you for following us on our journeys and updates along the way. Who knows what other surprises or changes may come in the future? 

Thanks to all,


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