Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore, a Cross-Platform Social Survival Sandbox Game Based on the YouTube Sensation IP, Officially Announced

Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore, a Cross-Platform Social Survival Sandbox Game Based on the YouTube Sensation IP, Officially Announced

Everywhere, Planet Earth—Nov. 17, 2022—Blankhans GmbH, an international veteran-run remote-only games studio, announced today their debut game – Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore. Based on the vibrant pen and paper universe of Ultracore, created by co-founder, designer, and writer Hauke Gerdes, it was first popularized via Rocket Beans TV, where it has already amassed close to three million views.

The announcement story trailer and comic book dropped today. Fans of pen and paper games can also download and play the first Coreborn P&P Adventure: Bandits of Pipers Whistle on the official Coreborn website, coming soon to virtual tabletop platforms.

Coreborn, initially coming to Early Access on PC, will be a free-to-play, cross-platform social survival sandbox game. It is being built on three main gameplay pillars:

  • Survival sandbox (the world of Tormentosia) – Gather resources, craft tools and weapons, build settlements, all alongside your friends.
  • Adventures (diverse action experiences) – Prove yourself as a mighty adventurer in the wondrous world of Tormentosia. Use your skills to master mini-games such as horde mode, dungeons, and big boss fights.
  • Social hub (Coreheim, the location of the Ultracore) – Meet fellow adventurers in the grand community of Coreheim. Trade, socialize or simply hang out where the wonders of Tormentosia all come together.

The game takes place in Tormentosia, a land shattered like broken glass, previously divided by its different races, in a state of persistent conflict. Then came the imminent destruction of their world as Sorgoth, Devourer of Worlds, invaded the realm. Facing his calamitous frenzy, the six remaining kingdoms united their power, each providing essential resources to defend all living creatures with a new kind of technology – the Ultracore.

To stay up-to-date on the project and be among the first to try the game, wishlist Coreborn on Steam, visit the official Coreborn website, and join the game’s rapidly growing Discord server.

About Blankhans

We are Blankhans, an international remote-only, fast-growing (currently 35-hansie-strong) decentralized boutique game studio working on the video game Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore. The company was founded by Markus Schneider, René Rieck and Hauke Gerdes with the vision of building a diverse, sustainable business where expertise, passion and data matter more than senior titles or tenure. We have big goals, and as a small team we know that each individual must pitch in, be empowered to be autonomous, and accountable for their craft.

To find out more about Blankhans and how we work, please visit the official company website. We’re actively hiring, so make sure to also have a look at our Jobs page.

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