Build towns, meet new people, and restore the vibrant world of Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore – alpha registration open

Build towns, meet new people, and restore the vibrant world of Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore – alpha registration open

Reclaim • Rebuild • Unite • Survive

Alpha registration open

Everywhere, Planet Earth — Feb. 22, 2023 — Blankhans GmbH, an international veteran-run remote-only games studio, announced today the alpha access trial of their debut open-world survival multiplayer game – Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore.

The Alpha starts on March 2nd and will run until March 5th. It will use Steam’s playtesting feature – players can already sign up on the Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore Steam Page to get a taste of the experience the world of Coreborn will offer. For an introduction to Coreborn, watch this developer video:

About Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore 

Immerse yourself in an engrossing journey full of charm, hope, challenges, and adventures. Visit Tormentosia, a once vibrant land suddenly covered by Sorgoth’s shadow of darkness. Join the united nations of the Core in reclaiming the land. Restore and rebuild towns and settlements. Face hordes of Gothkin. Meet new friends and cooperate with your companions. Survive and thrive together to make a better future.

Coreborn evolves the Survival-Sandbox genre with its focus on social gameplay, no PvP and systems that help make every encounter with another player a positive experience. While the Open-World of Tormentosia is where the game focuses on cooperative gameplay, the Social Hub, Coreheim, will add MMO elements and allow players to connect with the game’s entire population. Coreborn will constantly evolve the world of Tormentosia with Seasons and mini game-esque modes called Adventures.

Coreborn alpha features:

  • Reclaim the most vivid lands of Tormentosia, the Nation of Ambros. Hunt down unique creatures, gather resources and gear up your character to explore the handcrafted open-world map of more than 14 km² in size.
  • Rebuild the once lost lands by claiming your piece and establishing a town. Invite other players to your outpost, level up crafting stations, and protect your town against the Gothkin, Sorgoth’s relentless minions.
  • Unite in Coreheim, the newly established capital that was created around the “Ultracore,” a giant shield generator that protects Tormentosia from Sorgoth’s wrath. Visit the social hub to meet the game’s entire population, make friends and trade your most valuable goods.
  • Survive your first voyage to Tormentosia by strengthening yourself, inviting other players into your town, and battling Sorgoth’s armies.

To stay up-to-date on the project and be among the first to try the game, wishlist Coreborn on Steam, visit the official Coreborn website, and join the game’s rapidly growing Discord server, where 12,000 “Coreborn” actively discuss the game and its upcoming alpha.

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About Blankhans

We are Blankhans, an international remote-only, fast-growing, 35-people-strong boutique game studio working on the video game Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore. The company was founded by René Rieck, Hauke Gerdes, and Markus Schneider with the vision of building a diverse, sustainable business where expertise, passion, and data matter more than senior titles or tenure. In April 2022, the studio secured $3M in seed funding from Griffin Gaming Partners. Blankhans was founded to evolve the Survival-Sandbox genre, and our team understands that this requires everyone to be autonomous, pitch in when needed, and be accountable for their craft.

To find out more about Blankhans and how we work, please visit the official company website. We’re actively hiring, so make sure to also have a look at our Jobs page.

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